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Yunohana Stone SPA

Secret of Beauty and Health

After walking through the forest, it's time to relax completely.
In the SPA area, there is a Japanese popular rock bath, which releases radium through warm Beitou stone to promote body metabolism and improve health.
There is also a full-body massage service to completely liberate and stretch the muscles and bones.
What's more special is the landscape foot massage, which enjoys the ultimate service in the forest.


Latest Information

Summer Special SPA Package

Wet room bath type 60mins: Original price NT 2800 | Preferential price NT 2000
Dome Individual 60mins: Original price NT 2800 | Preferential price NT 2000
Special price for tenants: NT 2800 / two persons | NT 1200/1 person (four persons together)


Shunqi Beauty Surgery 60mins: Original price NT 2600 | Preferential price NT 1800


Shiatsu physical and mental health 30mins: Original price NT 1800 | Preferential price NT 1250
Shiatsu physical and mental health 70mins: Original price NT 3800 | Preferential price NT 2600
Wutuo Body Relief Aromatherapy 30mins: Original Price NT 2600 | Preferential Price NT 1800
Wutuo Body Relaxing Aromatherapy 70mins: Original Price NT 3900 | Preferential Price NT 2700


Foot massage 70mins: Original price NT 2000 | Preferential price NT 1400 (25 minutes foot bath +45 skills)
Foot Loin Treatment 60mins: Original Price NT 1800 | Preferential Price NT 1300

A組 輕盈漫步 岩盤浴 60mins + 腳部鬆筋 70mins 優惠價 NT$2800
B組 香氛舒緩 岩盤浴 60mins + 舞拓全身舒壓芳療 70mins 優惠價 NT$3900
C組 嫩膚美顏 岩盤浴 60mins + 順氣美顏術 60mins 優惠價 NT$3200

Experience course Welcome to Alishan Hotel 10F Soup
Reservation schedule of the rock bath SPA: AM 11:00 ~ PM 13:00 | PM 15:00 ~ PM 23:00
Inquiries: +886 2679811 Ext. 290
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