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Alishan House “Hundred-year Guest House”

台灣海拔最高 ~ 頂級度假飯店

History Museum~ the Origin of Alishan House

When it comes to Alishan, people’s first impression is sunrise, sea of cloud, forest, railway and cherry blossoms. However, beside the famous scenic spots, there are some ancient buildings and monuments hidden in the Alishan area. Ahishan House is one of them.

Alishan House, originally named Alishan Club, has been operated for more than one hundred years, and witnessing the vicissitudes of the Alishan Forest Farm.

In 1895, Alishan was developed as a forest farm because people found a large number of cypress forest. To transport the woods from uphill to downtown, Alishan Forest Railway was opened to Erwanping in 1912, and the main railway extended to Zhaoping in 1914.

According to historical records, there were many guest houses in Alishan area. The clubs was along the railway, ranged from Zhaoping to Erwanping, and even located beside the Yushan Pass. The original purpose for rhe constructions was to facilitate the forest farm personnel to travel accommodation.

As time goes by, some of the clubs gradually disappear. The biggest Alishan Forest Farm Club, the predecessor of the Alishan House, was built in 1912. The structure was made of cypress because transportation was inconvenient for obtaining building materials.

In 1965, the Forest Bureau invested 1.8 million to renovate Alishan Forest Farm Club. In addition to retaining the original wood construction, the dormitory of forest farm personnel was rebuilt as steel-concrete building. Since then, the name, Alishan House, has been officially starting using.

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In response to the development of tourism, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication has formulated the “Taiwan's New Tourism Development Strategies for the 21st Century”, which is based on the development of new high-quality tourism environment that includes native, ecological, and three-dimensional. After being promoted by Tourism Development Promotion Team of the Executive Yuan, Culture and Tourism Bureau of Chiayi County was instructed to handle the resources survey of the Scenic Spot and plan the management scope of Alishan area. In March, 2001, the scope was announced by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication after the evaluation of the first-level scenic area. The Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau was established on July 23, 1990, and unveiled by President Chen on September 4, 1990.

Eight years ago, Alishan Hotel was entrusted by the hotel management consultant company (now renamed Alishan House Co., Ltd.) to take over the management from the public business. The hardware and software have been refurbished, which is different from the earlier operation. It is the highest resort hotel in Taiwan.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 46 of the “Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects”, the company proposed the concept of applying for the construction and operation of the Alishan House by adopting the ROT and BOT methods. On December 12, 1992, the company officially signed a contract with the Forestry Bureau, and obtained the forestry bureau's first BOT case qualification for private investment to build a resort hotel at the current site for preserving precious cypress wood. The design expanded to 106 rooms which are expected to promote the prosperity of the Ali Mountain area, and once again promote Ali Mountain to Taiwan's first choice for tourism.

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