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The Alishan area is located in the territory of Chiayi County, on the Alishan mountain range next to Yushan, the highest peak in Southeast Asia, and the century-old Alishan Forest Railway is one of the world-renowned mountain roads. Passing through the four zones of heat, warmth, warmth, and cold, the scenery is very different, and taking the train is like being in a natural museum. Especially the three spirals and the Z-shaped climb from the first branch to Alishan Railway Station are even more memorable experiences.

Alishan has always been famous for its five wonders, mountaineering railway, forest, sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset.

Six themed itineraries: Ecology, Aboriginal, Romance, Tea, Coffee, Railway

The best way to get to Alishan is to take a small train for climbing. With the change of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, you can watch the forest phases of tropical forests, warm forests, and temperate forests, especially the three spirals of the train on the Independence Mountain, and the fourth time with a figure of eight, and The zigzag advancement of the first parting is extremely rare and interesting, and it is absolutely memorable for life. In the hot summer, strolling on the forest trails of Alishan, feeling the freshness and pleasantness of Alishan, listening to the language of flowers and birds, smelling the flowers, anions and fendol, spreading everywhere, letting you enjoy the joy of being like a paradise.

The Alishan trail has a variety of trails, including a giant wood group path filled with towering god trees, and a pair of Gaoyue forest bathing trails where the peaks can be seen. The starting point of the giant wood group path is in front of Guangwu Jun and Chitose Jun. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey. Minutes, Jumu’s bust has the smallest size of 5 meters and the largest has a size of 13.1 meters. Each plant has its own characteristics. It’s worth a visit for tourists. Please slow down your footsteps and take a few deep breaths. It's a wonderful trip to the giant wood ecology. The Gaoyue Forest Bathing Trail is about 1573 meters long. Although it is not long, it still requires considerable physical strength when going uphill and downhill. It passes through the cedar forest and fir forest on the way. The trail is based on the sleepers eliminated by the Alishan Forest Railway. The coal slag from the thermal power plant walked very smoothly and comfortably. When people felt tired, the summit of Yueshan Mountain at an altitude of 2405 meters was greeted.


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The historical museum's cypress architecture is retro and nostalgic, and the modern museum has natural elements.

The hotel currently has newly-built exquisite suites, which are the top hotels in Taiwan's highest attractions, providing VIPs with different ways of vacation. The suites of this museum are mainly composed of quiet, soft and warm atmosphere, designed with nostalgic rooms full of antiques and high-quality accommodation in Japanese style. Staying at Alishan Hotel will not only allow you to fully enjoy the feeling of bathing in the forest of Fenduojing, to experience the physical and mental comfort, but also to feel at home and relax, will bring you unforgettable memories.

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